Local government has a vital role to play in improving the quality of life of citizens. However in order to be efficient, effective, responsive and developmental, local government has to possess essential capabilities and capacities. International and domestic evidence confirms that quality of management and work place capabilities matter if organisations want to improve in terms of productivity and quality of services.

The LGMIM does precisely this; it is aimed at providing an analytical framework for municipal leadership to reflect on what the organisation does and how it approaches its tasks so as to improve the quality of service delivery and productivity.

Are you a manager keen and serious about improving the performance of your municipality?

Then, LGMIM is for you!

LGMIM is a model or technique that is used to measure or benchmark the institutional performance of municipalities across a number of key performance areas. In each key performance area, performance is assessed against standards established by the relevant transversal departments (e.g. National Treasury for financial management and Department of Water and Sanitation for water services).
The LGMIM framework is built around 6 Key Performance Areas (KPAs), namely:

What differentiates LGMIM from other monitoring processes is that it provides an integrated and holistic view of a municipality’s performance across several critical key performance areas, thus making it easier for the municipal leadership to prioritise areas that are in need of significant improvement and potential support.

Incentives for municipalities to participate in LGMIM assessment: